Repair Blues pt. 2

Well, I got a call from my father today that my car was all fixed up and ready to go. Apparantly, there was a hole in the transmission. How it got there, I'm not sure. Well, the hole got patched, so I and a roommate drove the fifty minutes to an hour down 96 to go and get it. We get there, and I drive it back with him behind me, just in case.

Everything's going fine until we get to Meijer, because I need to get some things from the store. I put it in park, and there's smoke coming out from under my hood, and it smells of burning transmission fluid, which doesn't smell good. My dad had told me there might be some excess leaked fluid that needs to burn off, so I didn't think too much of it, but decided I should check the fluid level just in case. I pull out the dipstick, and wipe it off, and then stick it back in and pull it back out to check the level, and see nothing on the stick.

My roommate grabs his flashlight, and we try again just in case it was too dark to see anything with the first check. Sure enough, there's a small bit at the very bottom of the stick. Not good. He hands me the flashlight, and I get down on the ground and point the light under the car, sure enough, there's red fluid on the ground, and as I watch, more of it drips to the ground.

So once more I'm rendered car-less, (similar to care-less, but there's no 'e,' and in this case I'm missing an automobile as opposed to emotion.) However, this time the car is, for me, running distance away, so if it gets fixed tomorrow, I can just run to it rather than recruit a roommate to be my chauffer.

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