Pimp my Bible

okay, Metallicarat of Flashbang mentioned that you could view his site Snoop-ized. I noticed that at the top, you can place any site you want into the search box, and it will snoop-ize it for you. After some random site viewing, I got the idea to snoop-ize the Bible. God may hit me with a lightning bolt or five for this, but it looked really cool. click here to view the passage normally. Without further wait, the first chapter of a pimped out Genesis. (Parental Warning: explicit verses)

Genesis 1

The Creation of tha World

1:1 In tha beginn'n 1 God 2 created 3 tha heavens n tha earth. 4

1:2 Now 5 tha earth 6 was witout shape n empty, 7 n darkness 8 was over tha surface of tha watery deep, 9 but tha Spirit of God 10 was mov'n 11 over tha surface 12 of tha motherfucka. 13 1:3 God said, 14 “Let there be 15 Light.” 16 And there was light! 1:4 God saw 17 thizzat tha light was good, 18 so God separated 19 tha light from tha darkness. 1:5 God called 20 tha light “day” n tha darkness 21 “night.” There was even'n, n there was morn'n, doggy stylin' tha first day. 22

1:6 God said, “Let there be an expanse 23 in tha M-to-tha-izzidst of tha wanna be gangsta n let it separate playa 24 fizzle wata. 1:7 So God made tha expanse n separated tha crazy ass nigga nigga tha expanse from tha wata above it . They call me tha black folks president. 25 It was so. 26 1:8 God called tha expanse “sky.” 27 There was even'n, n there was morn'n, a second day.

1:9 God said, “Let tha playa unda tha sky be gathered ta one place 28 n let dry ground appear.” 29 It was so. 1:10 God called tha dry ground “land” 30 n tha gathered gangsta he called “seas.” God saw that it was good.

1:11 God said, “Let tha land produce vegetizzle: 31 plants yield'n seeds accord'n ta they kinds, 32 n 33 fruit trees ballin' fruit wit seed in it accord'n ta they kinds.” It was so. 1:12 The land produced vegetation—plants yield'n seeds accord'n ta they kinds, n trees bear'n fruit wit seed in it%

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