I like "Bad Managers"

Susie is a bad manager but in this case, it's a good thing. Go read her entry after reading this entry or just scroll down a little.

"Usually I just give the most hours to the hardest workers, and when the slackers get tired of $15 paychecks while everyone else is getting $75 or $100, they either shape up or quit."

Unfortunately, since I belong to a Union, hours are given to those with the most seniority otherwise Meijer gets in trouble with the Union. I can deal with that, what I can't deal with is the complete lack of respect from management. I found out from a co-worker who overheard it that I actually got a customer compliment about two months back. I still haven't heard any atta-boys from management. On the other hand, I've noticed they are quick to respond when someone does something they shouldn't.

"At the theater, business comes in tidal waves. There are no set breaks, but between shows the clerks can go get ice cream, run home for a snack, do their homework, go out for a cigarette,* whatever--as long as I know where they are, and that they'll be back in time for the next set, they can have as many breaks as they want."

I can't even go get water from the water fountain unless I'm on my scheduled break, and heaven forbid I should need to use the restroom. The sad thing is, the only days its really busy are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yet they still won't let you leave your lane outside of break time unless you pose some kind of health risk (ie, going to vomit)

At Harvey's request in the comments of my previous entry, in a fight between Meijer and Aquaman Meijer would trick Aquaman into working for them as a cashier, and increase his stress to such great levels that Aquaman will finally snap and go retail (much like going postal, but for retailers) Meijer will then call store security and have him escorted out of the store via the men in white jackets before he can do any actual harm to himself.

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