Custos Honor

My name is Andrew, I hail from North Carolina originally, but have lived in California and Michigan. I currently reside in Michigan, but hope to remedy that eventually. I really don’t like to talk much about myself, preferring instead to listen to others about their life. However, I have always been a firm believer that wisdom, humor, and life should be shared. To do otherwise would be a travesty. I love to write, and am currently working on a novel, which I will post pieces of every now and again. Ultimately, the purpose of what I’m doing is to share a bit of what I’ve learned with you, and to learn from you as well.

Custos Honor, meaning guardian of honor, I chose this as the name of my blog because I believe that, like "a man who doesn't spend time with his family," a man with no honor isn't a man at all. Honorableness is something that I admire most in a person.

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