It's too hot

I've been without my air conditioning for a while, but I didn't really start to feel it until this past saturday. My fan just isn't doing the job. So I've put in to have the air conditioning fixed, as well as the toilet which has been running constantly for the last few months. Its not that I like my things to work less than pefectly well, its just that I learn to adapt to the changes, and then forget about it completely.

It's for this reason that I abdicate spanking. When my parents spanked me, there wasn't a re-occurance of the crime committed for quite some time. But when I was grounded, or had things taken away, I learned to live without television or video games. I loved reading when I was little, and I still do, my parents never took my books away, so I always had a way to pass the time. But spankings, those hurt, and that nice survival instinct given to us by God teaches us that such pain is bad, and therefore, avoid things that cause it.

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