Trucks are Tough

I got into my first accident last night. (Well, first accident that had to be reported.) Completely ruined the bumper of the car I hit. Plastic bumbers just aren't the good. I wasn't going fast enough for my airbags to deploy, and so far my truck only seems to have some cosmetic damage, namely the front bumper got dented. Although I didn't announce this at the start, no one was hurt in the accident. I wasn't driving wrecklessly, and I was actually being a good driver. It was snowing bad, and my truck lost control. I did everything I could think of to stop it, but the truck insisted on still going. I hit the rear of their car. (They had apparrently previously lost control of their car [I hadn't seen this] and were likely recovering from the shock of that, only to have a truck hit them.

The Policeman who showed up ended up giving me a ticket for "Failed to stop in clear assured distance." The ticket no where mentions that the road was icey. nor does it mention that it (the accident) was on a semi-steep downhill road, so that I hit them coming from above, my truck literally slid the thirty feet to hit them. I'm going to fight this ticket, anyone know what kind of chances I have?

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