When You Get To Heaven

A man, after living a full life and being the best possible sailor and
proud member of the US Navy, dies. When he got to heaven, St. Peter
was showing him around. They came to a modest little bungalow with a faded Navy Crest in the

"This cottage is yours--yours for ETERNITY," said Peter. "This is very
special and not just anyone gets a home like this up here!"
The Sailor felt special, indeed, and walked up to his house. On the
way up to the porch, he notices another house just around the corner.
It was a tri-level mansion with a gold carpet rolled along the
pathway, and a 50-foot tall scarlet and gold statue bearing the image
of the Marines' eagle, globe and anchor. Not just this, but every
window bore some sort of Marine paraphernalia!

The Sailor dismally looks at Peter and said, "Peter, I'm not trying to
sound ungrateful, but I have question to ask."

"I was an outstanding citizen, I served 30 years of honest and
faithful service, I did the best I could for the people I came in
contact with!"Peter asked, "So what is your question, my son?"

"Well, why is it that those Marines get a better house than us Navy


Peter chuckles and says, "Silly swabbie, that's God's house!"

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