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Okay, I haven't really updated, not sure if posting gaps are going to get worse or not, my dating tips do work as is now proven by the fact that I'm dating a girl-- not the one I was flirting with that I mentioned, but another girl. Rather than give more tips, I'm just going to tell you what works for me. It may not work for you, but it should help you develop confidence, which is an important key to developing attraction. Here's an IM conversation with a friend which should explain my technique rather well. This is posted with his permission.

Custos Honor (11:57:08 PM): dude a friend quoted me in his AIM status
bluelitespecia (11:57:24 PM): oh, what he say?
Custos Honor (11:57:38 PM): Custos Honor (10:48:06 PM): they say that they want a "nice" guy-- but what they really want is the "alpha male" ... My friend Andrew Boykin on the female dating agenda. Sleep well
bluelitespecia (11:57:42 PM): and Nathan quotes me sometimes too ><
bluelitespecia (11:58:00 PM): lol
bluelitespecia (11:58:18 PM): nice guy means they want an alpha male eh?
bluelitespecia (11:59:12 PM): brandon: i'll leave running that cable to you then, i gotta find the tv power cord
me: thats cool
me: no worries about running the wire at all, it'll be a sinch
me: ... or an explosive fireball of battery acid.
Custos Honor (12:02:24 AM): heh
Custos Honor (12:02:43 AM): yeah I've seen that quote
Custos Honor (12:08:18 AM): and yeah, women go for the alpha male type
bluelitespecia (12:08:33 AM): what’s the definition of that
Custos Honor (12:08:45 AM): confidence
Custos Honor (12:08:49 AM): lots of confidence
bluelitespecia (12:09:14 AM): LOL, reminds me of one of those male enhancement commercials
Custos Honor (12:09:16 AM): you gotta tease the girl-- juvenile tactics tend to work
bluelitespecia (12:11:21 AM): hmmmm, what kind of tease?
Custos Honor (12:11:33 AM): flirting mostly
Custos Honor (12:11:44 AM): eye contact-- touching
bluelitespecia (12:12:00 AM): most excellent
Custos Honor (12:12:18 AM): being able to flirt with your eyes is a plus
bluelitespecia (12:12:59 AM): I got eye contact down, more flirting comes with more confidence, but then I’m not sure if they even want to be touched
Custos Honor (12:13:32 AM): start with poking
Custos Honor (12:13:42 AM): not hard poking, more tickling kind of poking
bluelitespecia (12:13:58 AM): hmmmm
Custos Honor (12:14:34 AM): another tactic-- when their back is to you, walk up behind them quietly, get right up to their ear, and softly say "boo"
bluelitespecia (12:14:56 AM): ninja sneakiness, excellent, I have that
Custos Honor (12:15:10 AM): alternately, if they see you, continue to walk up to them poke them lightly, and say "poke"
Custos Honor (12:16:10 AM): if you're walking, casually put your arm around their shoulders for a couple seconds, then lightly rub their back and go back to walking normally
Custos Honor (12:16:54 AM): tickling a girl's sides is a good way to flirt-- provided she's ticklish-- if she says stop in a way that you know means stop, then you stop, other wise feel free to tickle her every now and again
bluelitespecia (12:17:09 AM): now that’s something you'd do to a girl that your going out with, and not some random girl off the street
Custos Honor (12:17:44 AM): you don't have to be dating her
Custos Honor (12:17:53 AM): but i wouldn't recommend doing it to strangers either
Custos Honor (12:18:07 AM): girls that you know somewhat
bluelitespecia (12:18:17 AM): alright
bluelitespecia (12:20:06 AM): so need to work on some pick up lines oO
Custos Honor (12:20:10 AM): no
bluelitespecia (12:20:15 AM): heh
Custos Honor (12:20:23 AM): pick up lines aren't needed
Custos Honor (12:24:00 AM): and actually if you don't do those right, can get you slapped
bluelitespecia (12:24:25 AM): lol, great
bluelitespecia (12:24:33 AM): then I’ll choose the path without pick up lines
Custos Honor (12:29:16 AM): my now g/f posted this before she came over today: "well ok so i like this guy but he doesn’t know i like him but what can i do or say what ever"
bluelitespecia (12:30:34 AM): ah, very cool
Custos Honor (12:30:49 AM): I’m thinking she posted that about me
bluelitespecia (12:31:00 AM): well, yeah, seeing as she’s your GF now
Custos Honor (12:31:04 AM): i could be wrong, but I doubt it
bluelitespecia (12:31:27 AM): there’s your alpha male confidence
Custos Honor (12:31:51 AM): its a nice thing to have
bluelitespecia (12:31:57 AM): indeed
Custos Honor (12:33:17 AM): its too bad you live so far away, otherwise you could come hang out and I could give you some pointers
bluelitespecia (12:34:03 AM): its a same i don't spend more time with the ladies, but i don't know any that take robotics... or electrics ><
Custos Honor (12:34:29 AM): well, i perfected my technique at work and on CU campus
bluelitespecia (12:34:44 AM): lots of opportunity I’m sure
Custos Honor (12:35:48 AM): oh yeah
Custos Honor (12:36:20 AM): especially when you live in the only guys dorm on campus that shares two of three lounges with the next door girl's dorm
bluelitespecia (12:36:50 AM): heck yeah

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