Can God Create A Rock So Big That He Can't Lift It?

So I was googling the title of Oolom Caloophid's second book in his trilogy of philosophical blockbusters, Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes, and I came accross this discussion thread, which poses the question you see in the title. Upon reading some of the responses, this one struck me as the funniest, and I thought I'd share it with you. Yes, I do have too much free time. No, I don't need to be given something to do.

"Wow. I had never considered such a question before? Is it possible? Is it paradox? Does it imply a limit to omnipotence or an omnipotence that transcends logic? Think of the ramifications?

If God could do that, could he make himself forget that he had done it?
If the rock was too heavy for Him, could God create another being strong enough to lift it?
If the other being did lift it, could God make the rock heavier and squash him?
If God did that, which would be kind of mean, really, would he feel guilty?
If He did feel guilty, could he change the way he truly felt?
If He could change the way He truly felt, could he just give himself eternal psychic orgasms?
If God could give himself eternal psychic orgasms, would each one be as good as th efirst or would they get old after a while?
If eternal psychic orgasms get old after a while, could God just vibrate the Universe, you know, just until the right deity came along?"

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