Male and Female Relationships

okay, so I've been talking with a girl at work, she's pretty cute. Here's a dialog she and I had when I went through her line.

As I walk by in the lane behind hers register, her: "What's wrong?"

Me: "There's no candy on this lane, I want a Reese's Big Cup."

Her: "Well, you shouldn't have one, candy's bad for you."

In response, I go and get sixteen Reese's Big Cups (a whole box) and then return to her checkout lane.

Her: "Why do you always come through my lane?"

Me: "We've had this conversation before, don't you remember?"

Her: "We did? I guess I forgot."

Me: "Well, shall I tell you again?"

Her: "Yeah, I want to know."

Me, with a straight face: I always come through your line because I secretly have a crush on you, and I'm hoping that you'll notice."

She then starts blushing, and says, "okay."

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