I don't update my blog as often as I might. This is mainly due to the fact that I feel that if I don't have anything I feel is worth saying, then why should I say anything at all? If I don't think its important, then why waste my time and yours by writing it down for everyone to read? So obviously, I have something that I feel I should write about.

As I've watched other members of my generation, I see that a number of my friends have families that they are kind of detached from. To me, they seem more like unwanted visitors in their houses, rather than family. Yes, we jest by saying things like, "Friend's welcome, family by appointment," but the sad thing is, too often I see that that's truly how people feel. It's understandable that when you live a good distance away from the rest of your family, that you aren't going to see them as often, and that to some degree, your going to grow into your seperate lives. But the desire should be that you remain close with your family, because they are all you truly have on this earth. Friends come and go, as do boyfriends and girlfriends, sometimes we even lose the people we've married. But you should be able to count on your family, your brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, you should be able to count on them in times of need. If you don't feel that way, if you don't think that your family loves you, then there's something wrong, and you need to go and make things right and let nothing stop you from accomplishing that goal.

If your mother, father, brother(s) and sister(s), aren't the people you can go to for advice, or when the world turns its back on you, then my heart goes out for you, and I hope that you and your family make things right as soon as possible. If anything, my relationship with my mom and dad has improved since I've moved out. I talk to my mom atleast once or twice a week, and usually more than that. A number of times, I needed advice on how to handle a situation, but usually, we'd talk about nothing important, the important thing is that we talked.

I'll probably write some more about Michael later this week, but for now, I had this weighing on my heart, and thought I should write about it instead.

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