Life, the Universe and Everything

Due to complications with being on military leave at Meijer, they can't place me on the schedule without some kind of paperwork that I won't be getting because the marines are likely going to make it as if I never tried to go in for duty. So I'm stuck trying to find a job in a horrible work economy. A couple places are hiring, but the person who actually does the hiring won't be in until next week.

I'm running low on food and gas, and don't have a reliable source of money. Rent is covered through July, so I should be set there, provided I can find a job within the first week of July.

Sissy is checking her work place to see if there are any openings in my area, so a big thanks go to her.

I'm currently scheduled to go in for a plasma donation, which is good for twenty dollars a visit, up to fifty dollars a week (they give you an extra ten dollars for going twice in a week)

I started looking into sperm donation, but couldn't find anything in the area. When my roommate asked me how I felt about having "bastard children" around the states. I took the liberty of reminding him that I myself am a bastard child. He quickly backed off of that reason for being against it, going into the Monty Python argument of "Every Sperm is Sacred." To which I told him that none of them would be going to waste.

Anyone know some good ways of making money?

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