Repair Blues

Well, I've come to discover that transmission fluid is vitally important to a car's acceleration. I was driving back from Lapeer where I was visiting a friend, and I managed to get all the way to the interchange between 69W and 96W when my car suddenly stopped accelerating. I tried a couple times to get the car to accelerate (the engine was still running quite nicely) but it just didn't want to go anywhere. I put it in a lower gear, and I started to pick up speed again, but then I noticed smoke/steam coming out from under my hood. Figuring that this was decidedly not a good thing, I turned the car off, put it in nuetral, and pushed it the rest of the was off the road, emergency flashers blinking and power steering no longer functioning properly. (my training to get ready for the marines is already paying off) I called my friend back in Lapeer to let her know that I was going to be somewhat delayed with my, "I made it home safe" message, and then called my roommates to see about getting a ride. One roommate was at work, the other two were at someone's house waiting for when they would go to Studio 28 to see the new Star Wars Movie. Needless to say, I wasn't happy about the fact that rather than help out their roommate, who was in trouble, they decided to go see a movie. I then called another friend of mine, who happened to be out on a date with her boyfriend at the time (I'd met him previously, and he's pretty cool) and they were nice enough to drive an hour out to the middle of nowhere to come and get me. As a way of thanks, I paid for a full tank of gas when we got back to the area. I don't think I'll be staying at this house when I get back to Grand Rapids after basic training (outside of the week between basic training and my MOS school that I've already paid for) I'm going to talk to my third roommate, the one moving out, about moving over there when I get back, I understand its a better deal anyway.

The nice thing about the car breaking down was that it happened now when I'm leaving soon anyway, as opposed to a couple of weeks ago or at a time when I really needed a car.

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