Life Happens

I arrived at MEPS today, and I got my pull ups in, I got my crunches in. I even made weight. However, on Saturday I managed to get a nice sized blister on my left big toe. It didn't hurt at the time, so I really didn't think much of it. On Sunday, it started to hurt but I could still walk normally so I mentioned it to my recruiter, but he didn't think it was a problem, so I didn't either. That night I ran three miles at the hotel and afterwards it started to hurt and some of the fluid had leaked out, it was swollen and discolored. I showed it to the Marines stationed at MEPS, as it hurt constantly and hurt more to put weight on it, and they told me to show it to the doctor. I showed it to her and she pushed me back another week. However, since no one is shipping next week, its going to be two to three weeks before I can head down to basic training.

I have decided to use this time to get better on my pull ups and crunches, as well as to lose a little more weight, which should give me a cushion for when I go back to MEPS.

- Andrew Aris (Ravencroft)

update: got my foot looked at and they lanced it and drained it, I'll be getting a pumas stone to take care of some caluses, and I should be back at MEPS in no time at all.

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