Hell's Kitchen

Okay, so Fox has a new TV show Monday nights at 21:00(9:00pm) Hell's Kitchen.

When I first saw the previews for the show, the only things I could think was: "I want to be on that show!" "I must get on to that show!"

After seeing the first episode, seeing just what its like to work under him on the show, my thoughts are same. I want to go on to that show and learn to cook from Gordon Ramsay.

While I may comment on the show every now and again, I'm not going to do a week by week synopsis on each contestant. The reason is that I won't be here, so there's no point (maybe RR could do it if she has free time. . . hint)

I'm not going to pick a favorite to win and thus give them a kiss of death. I will state this though: There are two groups of people that will be eliminated quickly from that type of situation.

The first group is the group that can't realize that when Ramsay is yelling at them in the kitchen, it's only business. I believe that every contestant took what Ramsay had to say personally when he yelled at him. They need to realize that he has a job to do, that they all have a job to do. He's putting his reputation on the line by doing this, so he wants to be sure that he has the best candidate at the end.

The second group of people are the knowitalls. This is the group that came into this with a lot of experiance. This is a blurse if ever I saw one. They are going to have to unlearn everything they learned so that they can become great chefs. Those that can't adapt will fall out quickly.

They contestants had 45 minutes to prepare a meal before Ramsay arrived, so that they could prepare a dish for him. The two contestants that made simple dishes did the best, the first he said was "Not bad." The second dish he liked he actually complimented (though she's out because she wasn't a team player which I guess would be a third group of people that will leave quickly)

He and I agree on two things: presentation is nothing if the food tastes like shit, and the second is that you shouldn't add inedible things to a dish just to make it look better. Taste is what's important!

I want to go on that show.

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